Old Blind and Deaf Shih-Tzu Mix Somehow Deemed a Threat and Killed by a Police Officer


How can anyone educated at all believe this dog had rabies, which was the law enforcement officer’s excuse after shooting a confused a blind, deaf, 13-pound senior Shih Tzu mix named Teddy.

Clearly Teddy was wandering aimlessly and I understand the officer didn’t know the dog could not see or hear. However, shooting a dog when the dog clearly presented no threat to anyone is unfathomable. In fact, the unnecessary gunfire was more a threat to fairly nearby children than this little dog in Sturgeon, MO. I understand why he attempted to use the capture harness, though someone more familiar with dogs likely wouldn’t have bothered, unless rhe dog was actually thought to be rabid. This dog demonstrated no signs of being rabid.

The entire town and multiple neighboring communities are voicing outrage. Residents are holding town halls and demanding accountability. But so far, the most local authorities have offered was to temporarily suspend Officer Woodson, putting him on paid leave and actually defending his actions.

Seeing is believing:

The good news, in my view. according to the Animal Defense League, attorneys Daniel J. Kolde and Eric C. Crinnian filed the suit in United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri on behalf of Nicholas Hunter seeking compensation in excess of $1 million for violation of his rights under the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is providing a grant to help cover costs for the lawsuit.

Kolde previously secured a $750,000 settlement with St. Louis County, MO and several of its officers for the unlawful killing of a dog named Kiya.

“Unfortunately, these types of shootings occur all too frequently. Contrary to the common misconception that ‘it’s just a dog,’ every federal circuit to have addressed the issue has held that the unreasonable killing of a companion animal by law enforcement violates the owner’s most fundamental rights as secured by the Fourth Amendment,” says Attorney Daniel J. Kolde on the page’s website.

The Missouri shooting follows on the heels of an off-duty Chicago Police Officer shooting and killing an innocent dog.  I think, in general, we’re FAR too litigious – but unless criminal charges are filed, it’s the only way to go.  In both instances totally innocent animals lost their lives for no good reason.