One Health Awareness Month


Dr. Roger Mahr

Dr.Roger Mahr, a past president of the American Veterinary Medical Association talks about One Health HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show.  and one of his achievements – there have been many – is that the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives actually agreed on something, and unanimously so: January is now National One Health Awareness Month.

One Health involves all of us – whether or not you have a pet….from food safety to antibiotic resistance to research as to how sharks (among hundreds of species of plants and animals) can help us medically to zoonotic illnesses (disease which people and animals share) to the traveling with companion animals to how the environment plays a role in all this (such as how ticks share their diseases with humans and our pets). One Health encourages collaboration among human physicians and researchers in the veterinary profession.

The World Small Animal Veterinary Medical Association recently announced One Health Certification.

Just a Dog? Maybe That’s Not So Bad


I talked about hemangiosarcoma, a kind of blood cancer that very recently killed our dog Ethel.

When a reader said, “I feel badly for you but she was only a dog,” I read my answer to that comment which appears on my blog.

As I’ve walked through our neighborhood, even the Streetwise sales person expressed her sincere condolences as she was nearly in tears. I really would like to believe that most people now understand that pets are members of the family.

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The Best of 2019

Talking with Dr. Jane Goodall

I talk about my best for 2019,

which included covering the Michael Vick stories and have pieces go “viral” as I suggest Vick should not be allowed to be a Pro Bowl honorary captain; a new law to protect pets in kennel fires; helping to organize the Winn Feline Foundation FIP Symposium, and interviewing Dr. Jane Goodall.

I also discuss my involved with Free Free Happy Homes, and how this website can help all of you, from providing credible information to offering free stuff!