One Health: People and Pets, Integrative Medicine



The One Health Commission is an initiative of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Medical Association – the goal is to understand the many links between human and animal health, to recognize and prevent emerging diseases and support and better understand the human/animal bond.

LISTEN HERE to this very special Petcast, I speak with One Health Commission CEO Dr. Roger Mahr, of St. Charles, IL, past president of the AVMA, and Vallie Szymanski, co-founder and executive director of Ovarian Cancer Symtom Awareness.

This is the first time ever that a non-profit with a mission of cancer education is teaming up with organized veterinary medicine – and it totally makes sense. Szymanski talks about ovarian cancer, and how to notice the often subtle signs. Like lots of illnesses, early diagnosis might mean the difference between life and death.

Mahr explains that so many diseases originate in animals and then jump to people, from the West Niles Virus to HIV/AIDS. What’s more our pets can get the same illnesses and diseases that people do, so the term ‘one health’ fits. And when we get sick. often the best antidote is a purring cat or petting your dog. Also, Mahr talks about how animals may be sentinels to what’s going on in the environment, sometimes in surprising ways.

Because people trust their veterinarians – animal doctors often are the first to say “visit your doctor.”  Szymanski says ovarian cancer occurs far more than most people might think, and with an early diagnosis recovery rate

Listen in on this wide ranging discussion….in a nutshelll we share the planet with animals and plants, and what happens with them does impact all of us .