Overweight Cats May Equate with Diabetic Cat


Look for the label (or logo) Cat Friendly Practice at your veterinary clinic, but what I talk a lot to Dr. Elizabeth Colleran about on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World show is diabetes in cats.

LISTEN HERE as Dr. Colleran explains why there are SO many diabetic cats out there – lots more than we ever did before.

With Dr. Elizabeth Colleran and a bone

With Dr. Elizabeth Colleran and a bone

We describe what a fat cat is because the perception of cat owner has actually, as true – really, many pet owners don’t know that their own cat is overweight or obese. “Fluffy” may be a code for overweight.

This isn’t good, at least not for the health of cats and diabetes may result.

Dr. Colleran, who is a past president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners explains what the symptoms are of diabetes in cats.

Now what: Change the diet, increase a cat’s activity level and most importantly insulin (which is actually easier to give a cat than a pill, she says).  With weight loss the diabetes may even go into remission.