Pair Up for Protection: Dog Flu 101


Dr. Natalie Marks

Dog flu (canine influenza virus) is not something you want your dog to get, not only can this bacterial infection make dogs really sick, in a small percent of dogs it can be deadly. Dr.Natalie Marks on national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio talks about how outbreaks of dog flu are popping up, recently in Nashville, TN for example.

Dr. Marks says, “We know virtually all of the unvaccinated dogs become infected when they’re exposed to this virus.”

Dr, Marks also explains CIRDC (canine infectious respiratory disease complex) or what may be included when dogs get sick with kennel cough  (bordetella) but there’s dog flu, parainfluenza and several others. And all these respiratory illnesses in dogs can be and should be avoided by pairing up for protection with two vaccines, one for kennel cough and a second for dog flu.

Flu in dogs is seasonal to the extent that over Thanksgiving and Christmas, more people board their dogs. A kennel cough vaccine is often required, so why not also dog flu? Dr. Marks explains why “screening” dogs for symptoms before they enter a facility is totally ineffective.