Partake in the Pet Obesity Survey


With Laura and Dr. Ernie Ward

Yikes! So, many pets are overweight or obese. And even Dr. Ernie Ward, founder of the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention admits, there’s no easy answer to this complex problem.  Obesity does evaporate the quality of life and likely lifespan of those pets we love, Dr. Ward adds here on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Diabetes in cats is an epidemic – and it’s driven solely by overweight or obese cats.

And it’s not only medical health that’s impacted by too many pounds, it’s true that obese cats and dogs can very possibly be clinically depressed.

It’s shocking how under-exercised our pets are.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is looking for you to participate in a survey to help veterinarians better understand opinions on various issues, from pet food to how often pets are exercised.

Here’s more information about the survey and the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.