Paul Lisnek: Behind the Curtain


There is way too much misinformation and disinformation that we all read, sometimes landing right smack into our email boxes. I suggest that going to will get you independent news and often you can hear the newsmakers themselves in interviews conducted by WGN Radio personalities.

Listen HERE to WGN-TV longtime Political Analyst Paul LIsnek explain his podcast, Behind the Curtain, as he takes listeners (and viewers since many interviews are also available on YouTube) behind-the-scenes in the world of the arts, theater, and TV, sometimes even intertwined with politics.  You can even ask Alexa to play WGN Radio, or the specific podcast on WGN  radio, such as Paul Lisnek’s.

Listen to Paul’s interview, which just dropped with George Schlatter, ,now 93, relating his many stories and memories in a new book, Still Laughing: A Life in Comedy. Filled with amazing accounts, he shares the history of how the legendary TV-series Laugh In came to be and the risks taken by the clearly fearless Schlatter, arguably ahead of his time. Lily Tomlin, who began with the show Laugh In, pops in for awhile as a guest.

Linesk also talk a bit about local politics. What kind of job does he think Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is doing?  Also, a discussion of the interview he did with 32Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack, who’s ward is taking it right now when it comes to crime as well as many other north side and near north side wards. Clearly unscientific, but if the texts that came in are any judge, Johnson’s honeymoon is over and people aren’t happy. What does Lisnek think?