paul lisnek Ice-Cream Meltdown: ‘The Banana Was a Big Surprise’


My ongoing competition with Dr. Paul Lisnek of WGN-TV regarding our ice-cream battle at Windy City Sweets, all to benefit the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago.

I just received this email from a WGN Radio listener, the best email ever!

“I hope this finds you well and enjoying the beautiful weather this holiday weekend. I actually took the opportunity to head out for a long walk today and passing by Windy City Sweets, my curiosity got the best of me.  I have been listening to WGN:)  So I did indeed try your banana ice cream…Perhaps it was not a good sign that there was a generous amount in the carton to scoop from, while the peppermint had to be scraped from the bottom!

The peppermint tasted like expected – yummy and peppermint and what my children all fill their freezers with this time of year.  However, the banana was a big surprise – it really was like biting into my homemade banana cream pie  – something else my children love to have in their fridge.

I am very pleased to find a place to purchase banana cream pie in ice cream form, which will make the next family gathering a bit interesting – I will let you know what they think of my new “pie.”

Thanks for providing a bit of ice cream laughter!


Note to Jean: According to investigative journalism, I’ve learned exclusively the inside scoop. About 1,000 tubs of banana pudding ice-cream have been sold, and you witnessed scraping the bottom of one tub of peppermint. One tub vs. 1,000.

For background, hear my interview on WGN Radio with Windy City Sweets owner John Manchester, which Paul crashed. He told me on the air – that’s the first time I heard about this idea of an ice-cream competition. But I like winning, so why not? I don’t know all the details (they’re still in Paul’s head) but I do know Anti Cruelty Society will benefit by this intense competition, as who will sell more – the ice-cream named for Steve Dale or the ice-cream named for Dr. Lisnek.

This all started because one of John’s employees at Windy City Sweets observed how much I just love the banana pudding ice-cream, and said it should be named for me since I come in so frequently for this cold gold. John mistakenly, named the ice-cream the Paul Lisnek/Steve Dale flavor. He realized the error in his ways, and renamed the ice-cream appropriately, the Steve Dale/Paul Lisnek ice-cream. Well, Paul heard about this and had a meltdown. So, John graciously offered to name the peppermint ice-cream Peppermint Paul after Paul suggested it. And there you have the true ice-cream story.

I thank Jean for her support – and look forward to helping the Anti Cruelty Society. So, please purchase all the banana pudding ice-cream you can.