People Come Together to Give a Dog Hope


In December (2010) guest columnist Jill Cahr of Trio Animal Foundation and a volunteer at the Animal Welfare League (AWL) wrote an inspiring story about a dog named Hope, a dog who might have died. Here’s Jill’s follow up:

Hope in December at the Animal Welfare League

In December, we met Hope, a horrifically emaciated dog that was brought into Animal Welfare League’s Intake Facility on Chicago’s south side. She was starved, severely dehydrated and near death. Worse yet, she had bones literally sticking out of two large open wounds on her rear. To see Hope was to come face-to-face with the worst of human cruelty to animals.
Hope’s journey, however, has a happy ending because many caring people worked together. AWL ‘s Intake Facility provided a safe place to begin her recovery and Parker’s a Natural Dog and Cat Market in Hyde Park provided special food along with South Suburban Humane Society’s volunteer Maureen Carlson.  The Trio Animal Foundation sponsored Hope’s medical care, which allowed Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus (“IDRPlus”) to take her into its program. IDRPlus renamed Hope ‘Tumaini,’ which means Hope in Swahili,
Pam Abate-Newton, IDRPlus’ president, brought Tumaini into her home to recover. (click continue reading)
meant that Pam was constantly changing bandages, applying medicine,
visiting the veterinarian and ensuring that Hope gained weight in a safe
and healthy manner. This was no easy task and required incredible
dedication and love.

Tumaini today, the dog formerly known as Hope. Certainly this proves the value of Hope. And how people can come together to make a difference.

With Pam’s care and attention, it comes as no surprise that Tumaini’s
recovery took only four weeks. Tumaini’s open sores are now fully closed
and healed. She is at the proper weight and is no longer anemic. 
Tumaini is deaf, but has a flair for signs and sign language.  She is
spayed, housebroken and ready for adoption
days on a short chain with no food or comfort are well behind her. Now,
her days are filled with zooming around Pam’s yard and playing. Tumaini
is extremely outgoing and enjoys other dogs. That this dog has been
able to put her abuse and neglect behind her is truly a miracle of Hope
and human kindness.
IDRPlus is an all-volunteer organization that helped over 400 dogs and
160 cats in 2010. The organization has a soft spot for ‘project’ dogs
like Tumaini, and senior dogs. Shockingly, Tumaini is not the worst
abuse case that IDRPlus has encountered. Recently, the group took in a
stray Doberman Pincher who weighed only 33 pounds and was hours from
death, according to the treating veterinarian. Like Tumaini, Miracle, is on his road to recovery.
Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus is holding its 60/40 raffle, which raises money to fund the group’s vital work.