People Tell Dogs, “I Love You,” And Then Lie


Do you tell your dog, “I love you?” If you do, you are hardly alone.

Experts agree saying those three words demonstrates how we feel which means people likely are to feel the same back when hearing those words. It turns out that research demonstrates dogs feel love back to us as well. As the place in dog brains light up (during an MRI) when they smell their person. The scientists found that dog owners’ aroma actually sparked activation in the “reward center” of their brains, called the caudate nucleus.

And according to a survey from The Loupe of 1,414 dog moms and dads, nearly everyone, 98 percent tell their dogs out loud, “I love you.” The human animal bond has never been more intense.

Despite love for dogs, 18 percent lie to their dogs about going for a “fun car ride,” when actually they’re about to visit the veterinarian.

A lucky or not so lucky 12 percent of dogs have their own social media accounts. Most dogs only have a pawful of followers but some are social media stars.

As 22 percent of Millennials and Gen Zers are choosing to expand their families with dogs instead of babies. In this demographic slice, 6.2 percent of those obsessed with dogs admit to spending their money on cute clothes for their fur fur babies. Would you buy matching outfits for you and your dog? That seems like a bit too much but according to this poll, 11 percent of Gen Zers are more likely than older generations to wear matching outfits and/or accessories with their dog.

Here’s more data:

  • Just over 21 percent off table food on a regular or semi-regular basis.
  • Four percent pay for monthly subscriptions for their dog, either food and/or treat deliveries and/or toys.
  • 8.7 percent say they take their dog everywhere they can.
  • And this one is scary: 37 percent would rather spend money on their dog now than to save (for their dog or for anything else).