Pet Allergies and What Role Does Dog Breed Really Plays in Personality


with Dr. Adam Christman

Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio to learn about Dealing with pets who have allergies.  This is the time of year when seasonal allergies, so common in people, also begin to happen in dogs too. You might be surprised at the most common allergies among dogs, as explained by Dr. Adam Christman, Chief Medical Officer DVM360.

Surprising to learn that there are more fleas than you may think that happen around climates like the Chicago area.

Dogs and cats too absolutely can be allergic to the most common problems for humans, hay fever, including mold and pollen.

Dr. Christman is great at “dig you know questions.” And he offers a did you know what cats and dogs can be allergic to that seems strange?

What Role Does Dog Breed Play?

A fascinating conversation on HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio with veterinary behaviorist Dr. Leanne Lilly of the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center. She explains what a veterinary behaviorist is.and discusses the books Decoding Your Dog and Decoding Your Cat.

Dr. Lilly notes there are more variables among individuals than between breeds. Dr. Lilly explains how characteristics in dogs occur. While breed may certainly make a difference, other impacts include socialization and the individual genetics of the dog, also even before-birth diet and the amount of stress the mom is under before she gives birth.

Still, it’s important to choose the right dog likely to work for you. But Dr. Lilly answers if there is truly a breed for no one.

Humans aren’t the only species that swear.