Pet Care Starts with Vet Care on WGN, Dog in Hot Car


Pet Care Starts with Vet Care is the topic with Dr. Vicky Carmella, director of Veterinary Care at Blue Buffalo pet food on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.  Listen HERE.

Pet Care Begins with Vet CareThere are at least components to preventive veterinary care.

  • Routine physical exam may reveal a problem.
  • Diagnostic testing, for heartworm, tick diseases and so much more
  • Vaccinations

Texter for Dr. Carmella, “My dog is coughing, what do I do?”

Texters overwhelmingly agree the driver of the truck with a dog locked inside should be charged for animal cruelty. Here’s a video of what happened.

Who should be charged criminally?

Who should be charged criminally?


However, one listener disagrees, not sure I understood why or if he actually does currently have 12 dogs?? – but ran out of time to discuss. Hey, that’s show biz.

Pet expert Steve Dale talks about political dog toysI talk about dog toys and also poop bags with the images of major political candidates with newsman Dave Schwaneee, and similar cat toys also.

On WGN Plus – my latest Steve Dale’s Other World podcast, Chicago’s cruise for dogs, an architecture for dogs!