Pet Dental Health Month; Dog Upper Respiratory Disease Update; Barb’s Precious Rescue


Veterinary Dentist Dr. Jan Bellows – clearly America’s Sexiest Veterinarian – celebrates Pet Dental Health Month. Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio to Dr. Bellows is a dean of veterinary dentistry and has authored and co-authored several books and speaks at veterinary meetings.

While he points out that brushing is the gold standard, he concedes people are not likely to do it. So why recommend what pet parents aren’t doing and won’t do. So instead he offers various alternatives for prevention. He discusses preventive care (including several surprise answers). Indeed it’s all about prevention, like dental diets and treats, wipes and water additives like Oratene.

He explains how painful dental disease in dogs and cats, just as in people. Some pets eat right through the pain, where others begin to be called finicky.

Dr. Bellows explains that in general cats and small dogs have more problems. And half of all cats have at least one tooth resorption experience, and explains what that is.  Dr. Bellows talks about DNA test from Basepaws to predict this issue for your cat.

Dr. Bellows warns about antlers and other products, and now is suggesting a new product for dogs to chomp on, called Yummy Combs – and explains why.

Regular use of products awarded the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal of acceptance will reduce the severity of periodontal disease in pets.

Update on Mysterial Respiratory Disease in Dogs

Dr. Michael Lappin, professor at Colorado State University, has been investigating that mystery dog respiratory infection. He reveals here what experts know and what they don’t know. The good news, it’s all seemed (for now) to diminish.

Barb’s Precious Rescue

Barb’s Precious Rescue in Palatine celebrates 10 years of saving cats! Founder Barb Weber tells the story here on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, how this non-profit began, now having adopted over 3,700 cats.

She offers an announcement regarding big plans down the road including the David Helt Veterinary Care Center scheduled to open this April .

She offers details on the upcoming February 17 benefit celebration fundraiser, at Chandler’s Chophouse Grill, Schaumburg. The Band 7th Heaven will perform as well. Purchase tickets and learn more HERE.

Coyote Not Ugly

Coyote wild in Chicago – and how to co-exist.