Pet Emergency Preparedness; Lepto on the Loose; Grey Muzzle Helps Senior Dogs; Dr. Fauci Talking to Vets


Listen HERE to my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, as I am honored to speak to the new President of the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. Doug Kratt about pet emergency preparedness. From the derecho storm that blew through Chicago with tornados to hurricanes to wildfires to even a neighborhood gas leak, you never know when something is going to happen. Dr. Kratt says pet emergency preparedness can save lives.

Dr. Doug Kratt

Dr. Kratt, first, says if you evacuate ALWAYS take pets with you.

Dr. Kratt rattles off a list of what you do need to prepare for that disaster which hopefully never happens. Obvious ideas include extra food and medicine as well as litter boxes for cat and cat litter. Not a bad idea to have a binder or file for your pets with images as well as ID and rabies tag info.

We also discuss the importance of training cats to run to carriers not away from them. Carrier training information can be found, Fear Free Happy Homes site by Dr. Liz Bales.

Beware: Leptospirosis On the Loose

Chicago being the rattiest city (according to one survey) has been a haven for a bacterial infection called leptospirosis. Now, what happens when people – concerned about the pandemic so aren’t visiting the vet – don’t vaccinate dogs for lepto? Dr. Natalie Marks says on WGN we may have a record number of canines who are now silent carriers. Dr. Marks explains what that means, and how more leptospirosis may mean people increasingly could get infected as well. And while dogs and people may be asymptomatic, the disease can often be very serious. This is all being made worse by changing traffic patterns of rats due to restaurants having limited hours and limited business, says Dr. Marks. There’s only one solution for all this: Vaccinate dogs for leptospirosis.

Grey Muzzle Calendar Dogs

Also, listen to Lisa Lunghofer is executive director of the Grey Muzzle Organization, a non-profit dedicated to finding homes and caring for senior citizen dogs.  It’s a shame but true that most dogs in shelters or rescues are older;  overwhelmingly these dogs have done nothing wrong, except sometimes their people can’t afford care or all those reasons shelters are accustomed to hearing, such as “I’m moving.” Also, the current high unemployment rate is making matters worse.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

We talk about the Summer Smiles Campaign, and how your older pup can appear in the 2021 calendar.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Speaks to Veterinary Professionals

I share what Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told attendees at the Virtual Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association. I also explain the story behind the story of the cat health beginnings of Remdesivir, the FDA drug approved to treat COVID-19 in people.