Pet Partners Walk with Me


Walk With Me is a new initiative from Pet Partners, where certified dogs just take a walk with patients/clients from various types of facilities. It’s a great idea, which I talk with human physician Dr. David Williams of Pet Partners about HERE on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Pet Partners pairs animals with people who visit in settings like rehabilitation centers, nursing homes or schools, and together they take a walk. Even if they’re in a wheelchair, just getting out and getting fresh air is healthful, and the dogs may motivate some to get out in the first place. For those able to walk, as everyone knows walking is a good thing for our health. Walking is good for the dogs too.

And, as Williams points out, some dogs may be more well suited for this job – if you call it a job – compared to being indoors in a rehab center, nursing home or school which some individual dogs may not be comfortable with.