Pet Radio Show Covers Pitbull-type Dogs to Italian Ice Joint That's Also Like a Dog Park


Listen HERE, as I begin Steve Dale’s Pet World by talking with intrepid newsman

Dave Schwanneee, and ask him if I look like a grandpa.

We also reminisce about our days with radio legend and friend Fred Winston.

Jeanne Kensik, owner of Extra Innings Wrigleyville Italian Ice – great Italian ice and also a dog park, all in one. How does she do that?

Breed specific bans – despite the Time magazine story, is not a good idea, and I explain why BSL is not the best choice.

I also offer information about “Decoding Your Dog,” which I co-edited and is authored by members of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

I answer a text, or try to, about cats who are ‘fighting like cats and dogs,’ and suggest a study that the texters may want to partake in (and you can too, if you require a Jimmy Carter of cats in your home).

Next week on the show, 6:35AM CDT (July 13) Dr. Shelly Rubin of Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Speciality Center.