Pet Resolutions from AVMA President on WGN Radio


I speak with the President, the one who matters in my world, the President of the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. John de Jong here on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio about pet resolutions.

Listen HERE to Dr de Jong’s New Year’s pet resolutions.

Dr. John de Jong

Number one is preventive care, as Dr. de Jong talks about the importance of regular check ups. In part, people forget that our pets age much more quickly than we do. Changes may be subtle, and detected by blood work, small weight changes, lumps and bumps, heart murmurs etc – all can’t be discerned by even the most observant pet caretakers,

Dr. de Jong talks about a healthy diet, and how important a factor that is – which sometimes people do overlook. We have far too many overweight and obese pets. Lots of reasons for that, and they include (though are not limited to) too many treats, too much pet food and not enough exercise.  And exercise is as good for you as it is for your pets.

We take listener text and phone questions, including how to support weight loss for a cat; a cat with an apparent dental issue; another older cat is active but not eating well.

I happen to mention the Veterinary Oral Health Council, which uses science (not marketing) to discern which dental products really do support oral health.

I also offer a dramatic reading of “A Pet’s Night Before Christmas.”