Pet Safety Traveling by Car


Airline trips are clearly down, and when people are headed for vacation this summer, cars are the number one mode of transportation.

The Center for Pet Safety is a non-profit with a mission to protect and advocate for animals traveling by auto or truck, including certification of products based on safety standards. On my national Steve Dale’s Peet World radio show, I talk with the Center for Pet Safety’s founder Lindsey Wolko.

According to one recent study, more people are restraining their animals, but the UK and Australia lead America in pet parents willingness to do this. Wolco comments on whether or not people should routinely restrain their pets in vehicles, and under what circumstances.

Wolco says one problem are mixed messaging within the industry about what is safe really. And also pet parents who simply aren’t in the habit of restraining their pets.

We talk about the type of products to be best used to restrain, Wolco says, “Products make all the difference.”