Pet-Sitting, Telemedicine (virtual care) and Dog Walking Red Flags with Wendy Snyder


I’ve always loved visiting with Wendy Snyder, WGN Radio. Listen HERE as we talk about finding a pet sitter. And why taking your dog to someone else’s home who won’t let you inside the home is a red flag.

Telehealth: Can Be a Huge Concern

It’s also a red flag (very bright red) to use most of the direct to consumer choices for telehealth.  While indeed they are veterinary professionals, they have no records in front of them and they obviously can’t examine a pet thoroughly via Zoom or an iphone. They’re not supposed to diagnose, but usually that is why pet parents contact them for in the first place, and while they may not call their conclusion a diagnosis that is what it is. They may even follow a script, dependent on signs or symptoms.  It may seem like a bargain (because it’s an inexpensive choice) and certainly you don’t need to wait any longer than minutes – but still this is very concerning without a veterinary client patient relationship.

Here’s a story which explains much more.

The American Veterinary Medical Association actually wants practices to use telehealth, but with their own clients and patients – here’s the AVMA position (which is important for professionals and pet parents)

Take Your Dog On a Walk But Never, Ever

Tying out or tethered dogs alone outside a business is never a good idea. Yes, our dogs want to be with us, and we want to be with them. Increasingly in cities, we run errands with our best friends, and it’s merely convenient to take them on a walk when we need to walk somewhere anyhow.

However, if the destination doesn’t allow dogs inside, or if the pup doesn’t have the demeanor or house-training for going inside a store the dog may be tied-out on a street sign or fire hydrant outside the place of business. Some businesses even encourage this unfortunate behavior by providing water bowls outside. Here are seven reasons why tethering dogs outside a place a business while you go inside is never a good idea.