Pet Stores Will No Longer Sell Dogs or Cats in Chicago


The proposed Chicago Ordinance, The Companion Animal and Consumer Protection ordinance, will prevent pet stores from selling dogs or cats in Chicago, was the topic of conversation between Bill Moller  and myself on WGN Radio; listen HERE.

I describe why I think this proposal is a VERY good idea. Details in writing are here.

To be clear, pet stores will be allowed (even encouraged) to adopt animals from non-profits such as shelters or rescues, or the City’s Animal Care & Control.

We talk about The Puppy Mill Project  which has been working for years to make this happen, and it was Chicago’s City Clerk Susana Mendoza who introduced the ordinance, and continues in her path to see it through. Listeners call in describing their pet store experiences, as does a volunteer for the Puppy Mill Project.