Pet Supplies Plus and Largest Dog Wedding; Search and Rescue Dogs at Ground Zero


Listen here to this September 11 installment of Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

George Lennon, franchise owner of Pet Supplies Plus stores and Michelle Parks, assistant store team manager at Pet Supplies Plus in Crystal Lake discusses how pet stores went on a roller coaster ride during the pandemic and advantages of sometimes shopping in-store, and why that can be preferred.

Parks said that people stock-piled dog food and stored bags in their garage as they did toilet paper at the start of the pandemic. They describe if there currently supply issues among brands in the pet world.

Pet Supplies plus has adopted over 4,000 dogs and cats from Anderson Humane.

Pet Supplies Plus is a sponsor of the World’s Largest Dog Wedding, on October 2 at Northwestern Medicine Field in Geneva which supports various charities including those that provide service dogs for veterans. Steve discusses the importance of service dogs for veterans. More on the dog wedding, here.

September 11 and Search and Rescue Dogs

Remembering September 11, 2001 HERE with Chris Selfridge, who’s dog Riley was the most photographed dog at Ground Zero and was one of the first dogs to arrive. Chris describes the scene at that time, and what Riley was able to do, which even surprised him.

Also, Steve describes how a story he wrote in Dog World Magazine shortly after 9/11 was likely the first to coin the term comfort dog.