Pet Travel Backpack


I travel a lot, and know many who travel far more than I do. Some travel to go to dog or cat shows, agility or other dog events nearly every weekend….even if it’s only the dog park. I found a backpack – from ECBC travel, it’s easy, sturdy and fiercely protective of your stuff.

Of course, there’s a space for the charger to keep your phone juiced. I love the secret compartments; there are so many I forgot where I put stuff. Did I put the dog treats here, or do I unzipper here to find them? If you travel with your pet’s meds, or toys – lots of room. It’s a nice enough backpack, you can also use for business.

One feature is that you can go through TSA security just like what’s shown – it’s TSA approved to just leave the computer in the special zippered flap section, no more removing the computer.

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And,here are tips about traveling with pets, and gadgets that can help.