PetAirapy Offers Free Mobile Sanitizing Units to First Responders in Chicago Area


I can’t say I had any idea my conversation on WGN Radio with Annette Uda, president and founder of PetAirapy would soon be so relevant. Uda taught me about how an ultraviolet germicidal system can clobber  viruses – including the corona virus – as well as bacteria and mold.

It turns out that PetAirapy’s ultraviolet sanitizing units are being used to keep ambulances clean and first responders safe as well as others using an ambulance for other reasons, all in the fight against COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.

After more than a decade working to sanitize pet hospitals and doggie daycares with her company, Uda is bringing her mobile UV radiation technology to first responders. Many hospitals around the country currently use this technology, which I had no clue even existed before my interview with Uda.

The PetAirapy units, which look like metal cylinders with high intensity UV lights, work by blasting high intensity UV-C radiation through the air and on surfaces which knocks off viral and bacterial DNA when it makes contact.

If you happen to be in the Chicago area, PetAirapy said it is offering free mobile sanitizing to any first responder mobile units that come to their location in St. Charles at 3820 Ohio Ave., Unit 9, St. Charles, IL. WLS-TV, Channel 7, also did a report.