PETCAST: Dogs &Thanksgiving Day; Soldier Dogs, Dog Is My CoPilot, Delinquint Dogs; Choosing a Vet


Listen HERE to a Petcast salute to turkeys everywhere, starting with David Frei, who it seems announces every dog show on the planet, including the upcoming National Dog Show Presented by Purina on (NBC at noon CDT) on Thanksgiving Day.

There are too many emergency visits to veterinarians on Thanksgiving Day. Dr. Alexis Newman, president of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association and member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, wants to put an end to those ER trips. She offers some important tips.

As you read this a military working dog somewhere in the world is saving a U.S. soldier’s life. In her book “Soldier Dogs: The Untold Stories of Americas Heroes,” author Maria Goodavage writes about these canine heroes, I don’t think people know all that these dogs (over 600 in active duty, and many others are bases in America and around the world). She also discloses what she knows about the Belgian Malinois imbedded in the Navy SEAL team who killed Osama Bin Laden.

Heroes are here at home too. Patrick Regan writes about pilots who transport shelter dogs, usually destined for death row, to places where they can be adopted in “Dog is my Copilot: Rescue Tails of Flying Dogs, Second Chances and the Hero Who Might Live Next Door.”

Email question of the week. Rhonda’s cat is urinating in a sink.

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It turns out that in some ways teenage dogs are too different that teenage kids. Sue Brown is the author of “Juvenile Delinquent Dogs: The Complete Guide to Saving Your Sanity and Living with Your Adolescent Dog.”

I’m thrilled with the new Los Angeles, CA ordinance to stop pet stores from selling puppies and kittens (because ultimately they’re from commercial breeding facilities, often puppy mills) and hope for the same law in Chicago….Still bringing in a new pet at this time of year is a good thing — from a shelter or credible rescue or breeder. Once you do that, how do you find a veterinarian, and what attributes do you seek? I spoke about that with Dr. Michael Cavanaugh, CEO and Executive Director of the American Animal Hospital Association.