Petcast: ‘I’m Pet Parent Obsessed,’ Dr. Adam Christman


So what’s really going on in veterinary medicine today? Social media superstar (check out his TikTok, Dr.Adam Christman52) and Chief Veterinary Officer DVM360 Dr. Adam Christman also offers a pet parent’s perspective – telling it like it is!

Hear this WGN Radio Petcast, with Dr. Christman who says, “I’m pet parent obsessed.”

By the year 2030, there are expected to be more than 100 million pets in the U.S., and most households will have at least one pet. Also, different types of pets, from goats to miniature cows (who knew they are a thing?).

Dr. Christman says veterinary professionals need to understand more of what the pet parent perspective is. For starters, most clients feel they are parents for their “babies.” And today’s pet parents have more resources at their disposal, from Google to YouTube videos. It’s the reality and not necessarily a bad thing that people look these things up, just as we all might for our own health. Actually, most clients seek content from their veterinarians or veterinary practice – so he encourages veterinarians to provide that info themselves to clients.

This is really interesting, as Dr. Christman answers what today are the best pet parents or the most awful pet parents, from the veterinarian’s perspective. Dr. Christman quips that he is determined to crack that nut, and to make that zero a hero.

Seriously, mental health and particularly suicide is an issue in veterinary medicine, and Dr. Christman explains why that is so. And what some clients do is actually hateful, and how that ‘blame games’ takes a toll.

He says that going through COVID was not easy and for many, it’s their pets who made things at least more tolerable and a little less lonely. ‘And pets also have so much to teach us, teaching us kindness everyday,’  he says.