Petcast: Integrative Medicine and a Multi-Modal Approach to Help Pets


Dr. Danielle Conway

Listen HERE to Dr. Danielle Conway, residency trained in veterinary nutrition and certified in veterinary acupuncture, herbal medicine and chiropractic medicine. In this Merrick Pet Care Petcast, she offers our aging pets the fountain of youth.

Dr. Conway is all about integrating traditional and what was once termed non-traditional or alternative medicine. However, today we know these are merely different modalities and what works best for most pets is a multimodal approach, using the best of what is most appropriate for an individual pet. This is more important today because our pets are living longer than ever before, and with that comes problems associated with old.

We talk about how to determine if your dog or cat is in pain – sometimes it’s not so clear. Dr. Conway offers some expert tips about how you can tell your pet may be hurting. Sometimes, as one example, it’s even in the position a pet lies down or the way a cat or dog goes up or down stairs. She also talks about how both dogs and cats can show pain just by looking at their faces. Another hint for cats and dogs being in pain, less interest in their food.

Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field using the Assisi Loop

We discuss the value of telehealth or using videos to help veterinarians assess.

Dr. Conway talks about her four pillars of wellness: Keep them healthy. Keep them well nourished. Keep them moving. Keep them thinking.

From Omega 3 fatty acids to help with mobility and joint pain to acupuncture (which explains) to diet to massage therapy– we talk about options which there are more of than ever before. And we talk about the necessity of keep pets lean, based on a Purina study from several years ago. Associated with being lean is not only longer life but also quality of life.

And swimming is great exercise and rehab:

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