Petcast: International Human Animal Bond Day


Listen HERE to the WGN Radio Merrick Petcare Petcast and a really big announcement:

November 8 is now International Human Animal Bond Day. Dr. Patrick Flynn, president-elect Human Animal Bond Association (HABA) and professional services veterinarian at Zoetis and with Dr. Mark Johnston, chairman of trustees Our Special Friends and VP World Small Animal Veterinary Association Foundation  explain why this day is so important, even overdue.  We obviously have a relationship with dogs and cats, ad I talk about how we evolved with dogs. Going further, if it wasn’t for dogs we likely wouldn’t even be here. And we care for other pets we have a bond with, sometimes a surprising bond with a turtle or a little leopard tail gecko. They’re not pets any longer – they are our family companions.

Dr. Johnston tells a marvelous story which depicts how dogs connect with us in a special way.

But International Human Animal Bond Day isn’t only about our companion animals, Dr. Johnston and Dr. Flynn talk about how us humans are actually interconnected with all animals on the planet. For example, I rattle off three kinds of animals – so different but how we depend on all of them. Dr. Johnston talks in more detail than you may think about cow manure and why what they do on that end of business is indeed our business.

Also, Dr. Flynn and Dr. Johnston also announce the Human Animal Bond Academy, which launches soon for members of HABA.  Join HABA, it’s easy, not at all expensive and you promote/support the bond and education about the bond and support Facebook live events open to all. Here is the HABA Facebook page (If you are so inclined, like the page).


(Behind-the-Scenes: I am on the Board of Directors of the Human Animal Bond Association, and came up with the idea of having A DAY for the Human Animal Bond. Executive Director Julie Legred made it all happen. Truly this is an international effort – now with the UK and in the future with other nations likely as well. The Academy was Dr. Flynn’s idea and it’s brilliant – in general, the pet loving public would likely not get the opportunity to hear and see these experts.)