Petcast: Separation Anxiety in Dogs


In this Merrick Pet Care WGN Radio Petcast, listen HERE as veterinary behaviorist Dr. Lisa Radosta explains what separation anxiety is (sometimes it’s misidentified) and she offers solutions.

Dr. Radosta suggests why she believes so many dogs are suffering from separation anxiety.

One or more cameras can really help to identify what’s going on in the first place. Show your veterinarian what’s going on in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

When the problem is very bad, you can find a relatively instant solution using psycho- pharmaceutical medications. Certain supplements, she says, can help.  Management, including enriching the environment, is always a good idea. Longer term treatments are all about powerfully changing behavior and the dog’s emotional state with behavior modification.

We also discuss something rarely spoken about – and that’s prevention in the first place. Is that even possible? Dr. Radosta weaves through this topic brilliantly.

We also bust several myths regarding separation anxiety.

Check out expert advice from Dr. Radosta and colleagues at the It’s a platform for learning about pet behavior.