A Petpourri of Topics on WGN Radio


I am noted pet expert Steve Dale; here’s a link from a recent appearance on WGN Radio with Bill Leff and substitute host Mike Toomey.

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks

Before talking pets, I explain I had the privilege of seeing Mel Brooks at the Chicago Theatre. Bill referenced the Cary Grant story, here it is.

Trapped in a hot car – after all, how hot does it get? I find out, as you can see. No wonder dogs die in hot cars. It just happened.

Bill reads a text about tying up a dog outside a convenience store or coffee shop. Here’s what I think: “I hate that!” Instead I prefer an alternative which is now being tested (so far, so good) in Brooklyn. NY, called the Dog Parkerdog parker with Steve Dale

Something I also hate – dogs sitting on laps of drivers or passengers in the front seat, and sometimes hanging their heads out the windows.

The world pet population is growing – America is actually not number one regarding pet per capita. I suggest we’re hard-wired to live alongside dogs.

pet expert Steve Dale on WGN RadioZika is in America…your dog can help kill mosquitoes. Do understand, first, mosquitoes like to bite dogs, maybe more than people. While it seems dogs can’t get the Zika virus (or at least get sick from Zika), they do get heartworm disease (which we need to prevent dogs from getting). They also attract fleas and ticks. Vectra 3D is a spot-on product that protects extremely well against fleas and ticks, and also serves as double protection against heartworm. Vectra 3D kills those mosquitoes and by killing mosquitoes it means fewer mosquitoes in our homes (and they do get in) and even fewer in the yard. Mosquitoes also cause people to get sick from West Nile encephalitis and other illnesses.

We like opossum because they eat ticks – and ticks spread tick disease.