Pets and Arthritis Pain, And Librela and Solensia Improving Quality of Life


Librela and Solensia are monoclonal antibody drugs used to relieve pain and improve quality of life for dogs and cats with osteoarthritis. However, there’s been some pushback regarding adverse events or side-effects.

Following stories I’ve written explaining further and placing context around those push backs – and video of our own 16-year old dog, Hazel, on Librela – I’ve been interviewed multiple times. Long before we know all we know today, I’ve spoken at conferences on the topic of pain in cats and dogs (mostly the signs of pain and pain related to the human animal bond).

This is an interview with Sam Gallego from The Pet Quarter, a chain of independent pet shops in the North East Of England. In a previous video, Gallego expressed significant concerns about both monoclonal antibodies which I believe many were misguided or exaggerated.