Pets and Vets: You Can Help By Sharing a Video


Sara Bragg , director of the Pets and Vets program at the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), which was founded by baseball legend Tony LaRussa.

Saving Both Ends of the Leash, the program launched in 2011 as a service to our U.S. military heroes. I talk about it on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show. This flagship program matches veterans with emotional support animals and provides free veterinary wellness clinics. ARF continues changing lives, transforming rescue dogs into skilled service animals for veterans with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety and/or severe depression.

This program saves animals and arguably people as well. By getting one dog out of the shelter and into this program, you’re making space available for still another dog at the shelter.

By simply sharing a video HERE, you can raise money to help ARF support the program, thanks to Purina Dog Chow. That’s it – just sharing a video!