Pets Are Paying a Price for the Whuhan Corona Virus, Though they Don’t Get Sick or Spread the Virus


Here’s the story not being talked about regarding the corona virus: Dogs and cats are paying an ultimate price, though there’s zero evidence they can get sick this new corona virus strain or act as a conduit to transmit the corona virus to people. Still people are abandoning their pets, letting them outdoors to fend for themselves which subject them to be a target of officials who round up and kill stray animals.  Another problem is when homes have been evacuated, many people never had the opportunity to take their pets with, or there was nowhere to go with pets so they were forced to leave the animals behind. Now, many are literally starving.

While people are afraid, extreme ignorance and fear can predominate. There are reports (even online video) of people throwing pets out of windows to dispose of them.

According to at least one printed report, one village in Hebei (and other villages as well) urged all households to “deal with” their pets within five days, otherwise officials would “handle” them; another residential committee in Shaanxi instructed people to “consider the overall situation” and dispose of their cats and dogs immediately.

Wuhan is taking another approach, reportedly banning its residents from letting their cats, dogs and livestock leave their homes. In a flyer posted in the community, local officials threatened to catch, kill and bury any wayward animals.

Again, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, humans do not get the so-called Wuhan corona virus from pets, nor have pets become ill as a result of this strain of corona virus.