Pets for Vets


Saving human lives and saving animal lives all at the same time. That’s what Pets for Vets does, and it doesn’t get much better than that. Roger Rosenquist of the Chicago area chapter of Pets for Vets reminds us of what pets can do for our veterans. Hear my conversation with him on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio.

Pet expert Steve Dale talks about on WGN Radio about Pets for Vets

The mission of Pets for Vets is to help heal the psychological wounds of veterans as well as to save the lives of pets.

For example, for veterans, suicide rates are off the charts: about 10 times the general population (about 20 suicides each day). However, among veterans paired with a dog, the rates are about equal to the general population rates.

The pets saved have been through trauma and the veterans have, too. Now, they save each other.

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Roger explains Pets for Vets is seeking foster families. Email if interested.