Pets and Holidays, Preparation is Key


Listen HERE from the national Steve Dale’s Pet World to Dr. Courtney Campbell offering all sorts of helpful tips whether you’re traveling with your pet, or you are boarding your pet.

Pet expert Steve Dale talks about preparing pets for the holidaysRegarding the dog flu vaccine, for example, you need a booster injection about three weeks after – so NOW is the time to vaccinate if you’re traveling over Christmas., or boarding your dog. There is a new vaccine that protects against both known dog flu strains. We also talk about insuring your dog is up to date on other needed vaccines, rabies, for sure.

Practice – insuring the car ride isn’t stressful, if you are traveling with your pet by car.

Practice – so your dog is familiar with the boarding facility, if that is where your dog is headed. Perhaps giving your dog a one day staycation even if you are in town – just to insure the dog is familiar with the facility.