Pets Saved in Turkey and Syria; Search and Rescue Dogs Save Lives


It was six days after the earthquake that flattened parts of Turkey and Syria, two canine survivors were rescued from the rubble in Turkey.

According to an AP news report, one of the dogs clung to its owner’s corpse, and it was absolutely a miracle that the dog was found and alive six days later, said Csenay Tekinbas, a representative of the local HAYTAP animal welfare group.

The outreach to save pets goes as far as pounding down doors. After being alerted to a dog apparently left alone on the fourth floor of a building, HAYTAP workers put on hard hats and broke into the apartment to rescue a large, fluffy German shepherd.

The problem is – where do these homeless pets go?

Well over 40,000 people (official totals vary some but could come close to 50,000) who died in Turkey and Syria. There’s no official counting for the number of animal lives lost. And there’s no official total but at least 100,000 are now homeless.

This video needs no further narration:

Of course, many of the dogs in Turkey and Syria following the disaster were trained search and rescue dogs who arrived from the U.S. as well as other nations, and both saved human lives and also discovered bodies so families can have closure: