Piloerections in Pets Described with Bill and Wendy Snyder


Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder have been kind enough to have me on their shows for many years, even pre-dating WGN Radio. For whatever reason, this appearance ranks among the most popular as far as listener response. You be the judge.

I talk about the game show for cats which I appeared with Jackson Galaxy behind-the-scenes, and how we knew if cats were stressed, including dilated eyes, flashing tail and even piloerection.

Who gets along with one another better…dogs and dogs, cats and dogs or cats and cats.

We also talk about about leptospirosis, and the big scare and whether it oughta be a scare or not.

We talk about too much dog poop all around the city.

Of course there’s Animal News from Around the World. 

Steve Dale appears with Bill and Wendy, each Tuesday, 10:30 AM CDT on WGN Radio, 720 AM or online HERE.