Pit Bull Attack in Chicago


I can hear it now – another call for Pit Bulls to be banned. Of course, the blame will be focused on all Pit Bull-type dogs – not that the owners who allowed dogs off-leash with a collar, but without tags, and well off their property.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a  62-year-old man was critically injured January 2 after he was attacked by what police described as two adult Pit Bull terriers while jogging along the lakefront in the South Shore neighborhood, Rainbow Beach, 7715 S. South Shore Drive.

The man was bitten by the two dogs over his entire body, including his legs, arms and face and remains in critical condition. The Tribune reports, “They just wouldn’t let the man go,” said Stanley Lee, 35, who came to the victim’s aid, trying to beat the dogs off with a baseball bat. The dogs didn’t cease their attack until police shot them.

There are reports from nearby residents that complaints had been levied about roaming dogs in the area – but Chicago animal care and control have not responded. The dogs belong to someone but thusfar police have not determined who.