Pit Bulls, Are they Good Dogs, Really?


Pit Bulls are indeed misunderstood. Ken Foster is the author of  “I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet.” Sadly, because of these ‘misunderstandings’ thousands of Pit Bull-looking dogs are needlessly euthanized annually.

For starters, what is a Pit Bull? Because a dog resembles a certain ‘type’ many might describe as a Pit Bull, in fact, doesn’t mean that dog actually has any Pit Bull in the genes. Truth is, what a dog looks like can be misleading to what any dog really is (I like to say it in a fancy way, phenotype doesn’t necessarily match genotype).

Breed bans (banning breeds, most often any dog identified as a Pit Bull) are worthless, and should in themselves be illegal. These are laws which are in the first place based on faulty logic, and secondly, after decades of these laws – we know they don’t work.