Play with Your Cat! and Dog Bite Prevention


Play with Your Cat! The Essential Guide to Interactive Play for Happier Healthier Feline – That is both the name of her book and the message from Dr. Mikel Delgado. She discusses HERE all things playing with cats on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN  Radio.

Why regularly playing with your cat is more than important, it should be a requirement. Also how to play with your cat and what the best toys are. And how she feels about laser light toys. She explains why play is so ESSENTIAL to your cat’s mental and physical health, truly play impacts both mental and physical well-being. And what are potential consequence to cats who don’t have the opportunity to properly play.

And Dr. Delgardo explains what it means that play promotes the hunting cycle: Stalk, eat, groom and then sleep.

Dog Bite Prevention

Dog Bite Prevention Week is April 7 to 13 and S.T.O.P.P. and a new plan to prevent dog bites. Obviously, we need something new because what we are currently doing must not be enough as dog bite numbers are significantly on the rise. Also, why those numbers appear to be increasing.

Here are to upcoming FREE events:

April 11: Steve leads a panel of experts for the American Veterinary Medical Association Dog Bite Prevention Week Join here, noon CT, 1 p.m. ET, 11 am MT, 10 a.m PT.  Join free Facebook Live event. Participants include veterinary behaviorist Dr. Melissa Bain; Incoming AVMA President Dr. Sandra Faeh; Heather Paul, media relations specialist at State Farm; dog trainer and TV host Victoria Stilwell, and Janet Ruiz, director of strategic communications at the Insurance Information Institute

April 11 Steve presents a Free Free event, a Free Webinar: Building Trust, Preventing Bites: ​​​​​​​Proactive Dog Bite Prevention and Handling Strategies -on dog bite prevention S.T.O.P.P. and Ask the Dog 3 p.m. ET; 2 p.m. CT; 1 p.m. MT and noon PT.