Please Help Legendary Dog Trainer Karen Okura



It’s been said, and I’ve seen it from countless emails (and back in the day via snail mail), the difference my advice has made for thousands of families and their dogs and cats. I am forever grateful for this opportunity, which may not have come about if it wasn’t for what I learned from dog trainer Karen Okura.

I talk here on Steve Dale’s Pet World,WGN radio with one of Chicago’s most esteemed and well-regarded trainers Wendy DeCarlo of the Dog Obedience Group about whether they know it or not, so many positive reinforcement trainers also stand on Karen Okura’s shoulders.

Wendy DeCarlo, Ethel and dog training colleague Dennis Damon

I talked about Chaser, who was an emotional mess back when we rescued her over 30 years ago. However, under Karen’s tutelage she was transformed into ‘My Fair Canine.’ Back then we just didn’t know as much as we do today regarding separation anxiety and dogs suffering generalized anxiety – but Karen did know.

Karen was the lead trainer at Anti Cruelty for many years. She supported positive reinforcement training in a huge way long before others did. She also created one of the first behavior hotlines in the U.S.

Wendy talks about how Karen suffered a stroke at the height of the pandemic and has had subsequent strokes and a heart attack and seizures. Karen and her husband John need help now – this is the  Karen Okura GoFundMe Page.

I also described how I was stuck in an elevator – and how that event changed my life.

Dog Socialization

A discussion about what puppy classes are and why they are so important.

And what to look for and what to look out for in a puppy class.

What about newly adopted adult dogs – do they benefit from dog training classes?