Point And Shoot at Cats, May Soon Be Legal in Utah


Microchips can protect lost pets, but not from a bullet. Feral animals in Utah can now be shot at, if a bill passes the state senate.

Rep. Curtis Oda

Rep. Curtis Oda’s bill that allows people to shoot feral cats and other animals. The bill passed through the
lower chamber 44-28 Friday, February 25 without being shot down — leaving it up to the Senate to kill the
controversial measure.

The bill, HB210, was changed slightly
before being passed. Rep. Kay McIff, R-Richfield, added so-called safety
provisions — including preventing those in unincorporated or rural areas
targeting feral animals to shoot across roads or within 600 feet of
buildings or residences and where hunting is already prohibited.

A number of representatives could be heard meowing as they cast their votes. Funny? I don’t think so. Not so much if a person is shot by accident. Do these “safety” provisions add enough safety to protect innocent people? What about owned-cats which may be outside, or lost animals (including lost dogs)? Now, it seems, if this is passed, coyotes and wolves can be shot because the person with the gun can just say, “I thought it was a stray dog.” 

There’s no question – feral cats are a problem (which may be addressed by trap, neuter, return), but what’s the lesson learned here in “family-friendly” Utah? Apparently, public officials agree to teach our children, if you can’t instantly find a solution, point and shoot!