Position Statement on Humane Dog Training


Dr. Steve Edwards is American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) President Elect talks here on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World about the new Position Statement on Humane Dog Training 

So, what sources do you trust to train your dog? Science-backed information (at no cost) in this position statement describes what humane training is and is not, and risks associated with punishment-based training. And Dr. Edwards explains what some of these risks are.

Turns out a significant number of the canine client based to veterinary behaviorists, AVSAB members and certified dog behavior consultants are an outcome of trainers using aversive methods, and the result is creating a problem or making an existing behavior issue more challenging to deal with.

Pet parents want to do the right thing – and the hope is that this position will help people to do that and not coerced by trainers using inappropriate methods.

Dr. Edwards talks about the best way to choose a training, what he calls “The 3-year old child test.”

The website is now www.AVSAB.org.