Prescription for Violence: Safe Humane Chicago


Mayor Daley, Senator Durbin, and so many others . . . too many for me to count off here have recently weighed in on violence in Chicago. The question: What can be done? Well, right here under our noses there’s a community based program called Safe Humane Chicago.

Bill Hageman wrote a great piece in the Chicago Tribune on the Safe Humane program, and founder Cynthia Bathurst.

Here’s a piece I wrote about Safe Humane Chicago at around its inception.

Safe Humane Chicago understands the The Link (as first described by American Humane)…a link between violence to animals and then violence to people….Safe Humane Chicago works on a similar premise, if we can be kind to animals, we can be kinder to one another. So far, the program is working!

Strictly personal note on Cynthia you didn’t read in Bill’s Tribune story
: I worked with Cynthia in conjunction the Dog Advisory Work Group to create dog friendly areas, and recall how well she represented non-dog owners, but completely understood issues of dog owners as well. She understood community policing having a long history with C.A.P.S.Also, Cynthia never shoots from hip – data could be her middle name. So, when I set about organizing the Task Force On Companion Animals and Public Safety (at the suggestion of Alderman Gene Schulter and then Alderman Shirley Coleman), I chose Cynthia as my co-chair because I recalled all that from the Dog Advisory Group, and wanted at least one non-pet owner in our group. Also, Cynthia’s other middle name is organized. Mine is not that. Cynthia has kept me on time, and kept me organized with the  Task Force. Also, I trust her, and so do others.  Meanwhile, all along the way, this great lady joined the Commission of Chicago Animal Care & Control; began Chicago’s model court advocacy program which watches out for animals in court cases and always had a secret ambition to start of program the program is now called Safe Humane Chicago. This year earned the AVMA Humane Award. I was so not surprised. Meanwhile, her work continues, and work hard she does – and Chicago benefits by becoming a safe and a kinder and gentler place.

Cynthia Bathurst speaking at a Safe Humane Chicago press conference