President of AVMA on Dog Bite Prevention


Dr. Doug Kratt

I speak on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with American Veterinary Medical Association President Dr. Douglas Kratt about the AVMA’s Dog Bite Prevention Week, April 11 to 17.

Dr. Kratt notes that, for starters, most bites can be prevented. The keys are paying attention to your dog dog’s health (when in pain or not feeling well, dogs may be a bit short-tempered) or fearful and/or anxious.

Dogs offer cues, but we don’t always pay attention or know what the dog is trying to say.

Watch a panel about dog bite prevention HERE, which I moderated, with Dr. Kratt; Dr. Melissa Bain,  professor of Clinical Animal Behavior at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine ; Dr. Lisa Staubus, American Humane Association; Heather Paul, public affairs specialist State Farm Insurance; Janet Ruiz director of strategic communications Insurance Institute and Victoria Stilwell, dog trainer and former host It’s Me or the Dog