Preventing Dog Bites and Parasites on WGN Radio


Immediate past President of the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. John de Jong offers an update on what we know about COVID-19 and our pets (and what we don’t know) on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE 

Dr. John de Jong

Mostly, though, we chat about dog bite prevention. Dr. John de Jong explains why most dog bites are indeed preventable, and he offers several useful tips, beginning with responsible ownership and adult supervision around children, always.

However, we also discuss how breed bans are not correct, and suggestions that individual breeds presumed to be “known to bite” first are not correct. I offer who I think should get a bad rap, and it’s not dogs called pit bulls. Learn more about dog bite prevention.

How to Ban Fleas and Ticks

Dr. Michael Dryden

HEAR veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, professor Kansas State University, and world renown expert explain that you can prevent parasites and why it’s important to do that for your pets’ health and even your health.

fleas and ticks are found in city and suburban parks too.

Seeing the veterinarian at this particular time solely for the purpose of hearing about fleas and ticks is not likely, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adhere to advice about what product is right for your pet and your family. He’s adamant about never randomly buying online or at a big box store without veterinary input.  For starters, some products just don’t work very well for various reasons which we discuss; it’s a waste of money to buy these.

He describes that ticks are in more places than we think. Studies demonstrate that ticks do exist in concrete jungles too. Dryden even cites a study which shows that the deer tick, which spreads Lyme, is everywhere in and around Chicago. How do ticks find their way into urban and suburban parks? Dryden says migratory birds often relocate ticks.

Dr. Dryden rattles off brand names of a new class of products that he like the most, the  isoxazoline class.

We also discuss heartworm disease and how import heartworm prevention is.

Dogs Trained to Sniff Out COVID-19

Dogs can be trained to detect diabetic crashes and spikes, trained to detect when a person is about to have seizures, and trained to detect explosives….and the list goes on and on. Dogs are even being trained to detect ovarian cancer through the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness organization. Next, dogs being trained to detect COVID-19.