Preventing Leptospirosis


Leptospirosis is something you do NOT want your dog to get, and you can prevent it.

Listen HERE to Dr. Natalie Marks chatting lepto on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World show, it’s a favorite topic for her. And it’s an important one because lepto can be deadly.

Dr. Natalie Marks

Dr. Natalie Marks

It’s a bacterial disease spread by rodents (like rats) and various other critters, and spread through the urine which occurs in ponds, swamps, creeks and absolutely in puddles in the big city. In fact, lepto is as common – maybe more common – in urban areas.

People can get leptospirosis from their dog, though it’s not common, it’s important to understand that it can and does happen.

Most important – prevention is as easy a vaccine.

American Animal Hospital Canine Vaccination Guidelines.