Proposed Law to Place Animal Abusers on Public Registry


If legislation in Albany County passes, animal abusers will appear on a public registry.  If you’re convinced of animal abuse, your name would appear on this registry for 10 years, according If you’re a repeat offender, your name would appear there for life. If your name appears on this registry – then you would not be allowed to purchase or adopt a pet.

There’s no question, many of those who abuse animals later on go on to abuse women and/or children, or may be currently abusing women and/or children; and animal abusers are more likely to commit violent crimes than the average person in the general population.

Albany County Legislator, Bryan Clenahan says he was inspired to write the bill after learning about Oliver, a Great Dane’ who was severly abused.

The pet stores in the area don’t like the bill because everyone purchasing a pet, even a adopting from a shelter, will have to be checked before they can bring a pet into their home. You’d think pet stores would put potential animal abuse ahead of a sale, perhaps that’s not the case.

Proponents are hopeful that if the bill succeeds in Albany, it will pass elsewhere in New York state, and maybe elsewhere in America.