Punishment: What Is It Exactly? Is it Ever Appropriate? Ken Rameriz on WGN Radio


Animal trainers pay real dollars to work with Ken Rameriz, or to hear him speak. You pay nothing – hear this great educator on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio HERE talk about punishment.  Do we punish our dogs or cats? If so, how do we communicate the message we intend to?

This Ken Rameriz book is considered a bible for trainers

I’m always thrilled to speak with Ken but what motivated me to do this interview was a 5 minute lesson Ken did on punishment on his Instagram page. And I didn’t completely agree.

Will punishing this dog solve the problem? If so, under what circumstances? How do you punish?

Unlike so many dog trainers who have only worked with dogs, Ken has trained a wide range of animals, including marine mammals as the Executive Vice-President of animal care and animal training at John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and is currently Executive Vice-President and Chief Training Officer of Karen Pryor Clicker Training.

What is Punishment? Is There Ever A Time to Acceptably Punish?

This trainer says he’s forcing an unruly dog into “submission.” What’s really going on here?

Rameriz explains what happens when you punish a pet. What is that pet is understanding or not? Can be punishment be as subtle as you withdrawing attention or making a sad face when you walk into the house to find a pillow chewed on, for example?

I suggest a punished behavior doesn’t always decrease the likelihood that a punished behavior will happen again. And Rameriz and I discuss this.

Bottom line – Is it ever appropriate to punish a dog or cat? The best thing to do is to prevent the unwanted behavior from happening in the first place, and – in part – it’s a matter of addressing a dog’s anxiety.

Punishment, he says, may create a displacement behavior – which may be worse that what you punished the animal for in the first place.

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