Puppy Mill Awareness Day


 Victoria Stilwell, from Animal Planet’s ‘It’s Me or the Dog’ is the spokesperson for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, September 27. Hear Victoria from my WGN Radio show  Steve Dale’s Pet World. Listen HERE.

It’s all about awareness – we talk about sad truths regarding puppy mills. Not only are all dogs (cats and sometimes rabbits) sold at pet stores from mills, also many animals sold online (how do you navigate that?) and places like roadside vendors and flea markets.

All topics which Victoria and I talk about.

There will be an events all around the country on September 27, National Puppy Mill Awareness Day. In Chicago, a march down Michigan Avenue, starts at 420 N. Michigan Ave. at noon.  I will lead the march of however many people turn up – hopefully hundreds, people and dogs!

I also talk about the October 8 Big Night benefit for Friends of Animal Control. Chef Jackie Shen has organized another amazing line up Chicago chefs, some of the best and most notable in the city. Pete McMurray (once of WGN Radio) will emcee. I am the honorary chair. As I describe on-air, it’s hardly a secret that Chicago has a tad of of financial ‘issues,’ and animal control is not at the top of the list to receive dollars. Your help is needed today more than ever….You can demonstrate your support for me, and more important the animals by attending….and you’ll be well fed for sure and have a great time. Learn more HERE, or call 312-224-1116.