Puppy Mill Dogs Soon Outlawed in Chicago


Puppy mill dogs will soon be outlawed in Chicago, at least dogs, cats and also rabbits sold at pet stores. Listen HERE to Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza discuss why she wrote and introduced the The Companion Animal and Consumer Protection ordinance on Steve Dale’s Pet World , WGN Radio.

Clerk Mendoza discusses why this bill is important to her, and why it’s the right thing to do, for animals. These dogs are more likely to have potentially costly medical issues as well as behavior problems, and more likely to be given up to shelters (or rescue). So, this is also about protecting consumers. After all, even buying (originally likely from a puppy mill) what you think you are buying is likely to not be what you purchased. For example, that little cute Lhasa-poo – might not be part Lhasa Apso or part Miniature Poodle at all.

Many states (inluding Illinois) have ‘pet store lemon laws,’ but a puppy or kitten isn’t like a washing machine you merely want to return. Of course, none of this is an issue if the dogs, cats and rabbits can’t be sold at pet stores in the first place.

outline why Chicago joining Los Angeles and other cities is beneficial for animals and the right thing to do for consumers, the ban on selling dogs, cats and rabbits at pet stores makes sense.

Alderman James Cappleman appeared on Steve Dale’s Pet World,  and is among those in full support.

The Puppy Mill Project has been working for years to make this happen.

If you agree, please add you name to the thousands who have signed this petition.

The Chicago Area Shelter Alliance supports the proposed ordinance, as does Tree House Humane Society, and many others.